Women's Center

Comprehensive Diagnostic Exams for Women

Viera Diagnostic Center is equipped with all diagnostic examinations a women will need. This includes digital mammogram which is utilized to detect early stages of breast cancer and thereby begin treatment before the disease progresses. All women over 40 years old are recommended to undergo annual digital diagnostic mammography. A digital screening mammogram on the other hand is advised for women at high risk of developing breast abnormalities due to a personal or family history of breast related illness.

Digital Mammogram

There are benefits as well as risks associated with undergoing digital mammogram. The best benefit will be the early detection of potentially breast illness causing abnormalities. This will permit your doctor to recommend treatment before the issue worsens. If there are any risks, it is radiation. The amount of radiation present during digital mammography is very minimal though when compared with a standard form of x-ray.

If you have any further questions about this type of diagnostic testing, the Viera Diagnostic Women’s Center is able to assist you.

Breast Biopsies

Breast biopsies for women are also available at Viera Diagnostic Center. Like digital mammogram, this procedure helps detect breast cancer at an early stage.


Women can also avail of ultrasound services for various purposes including fetal exams, gynecology tests for cysts or tumors, examinations of gallbladder and other organs, and vascular illness analysis.

4D Ultrasound

Viera Diagnostic Center now offers 4D Ultrasound for expecting women who would like to take advantage of this advanced technology when it comes to prenatal ultrasound. 4D ultrasound creates more vivid and accurate imaging with an added video which is not included in the standard 3D ultrasound. 4D Ultrasound does not require an approval from a physician and can be availed of by any pregnant women whenever they please to do so. But it is recommended to undergo the process during 25 weeks of gestation at least for more pleasant results.

Aside from the issues, there are other health problems which women are faced with. Viera Diagnostic Center can aide in the detection of such issues through diagnostic examinations using advanced technology. Some of such tests include bone density or DEXA, MRI, CAT Scan, and X-ray. For questions on how these tests can benefit women, you may refer to the Viera Diagnostic Women’s Center desk.

The Women’s Center is designed to offer privacy and comfort for women. Designated dressing and waiting areas are available for you to use.

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