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Bone Density or DEXA

Bone density scan is used in measuring bone mineral content of specific body areas. Our fan beam technology even examines the spine and both hips. The bone mineral density,or BMD, is then analyzed to check if there is a risk of fractures. Low bone density caused by osteoporosis results in brittle bones and is easily fractured.

Bone Density Importance

Osteoporosis is as fatal as breast cancer. But this fact did not receive appropriate attention until recent years. In 1999, a general guideline for doctors on osteoporosis screening was recommended by the Surgeon General.

Osteoporosis refers to spongy or porous bones. In this illness, bones become fragile and appear like a coral or porous which are more vulnerable to fractures. Osteoporosis is at times referred to as a ‘silent killer’ since there is no symptoms sometimes. This is why everyone at age 50 should be subjected to a bone density screening or DEXA test as per AMA. The test measures BMD and is represented in numerical value. This value will be compared to succeeding test results to verify osteoporosis effects on a patient.

Viera Diagnostic Center examines the hips and spine. This exam is the most accurate means to determine hip or spine fracture risks associated with aging.

Bone Density Test Safety

Bone Density test applies minimal radiation only. Thus, it is relatively safer than a regular chest x-ray test.

Bone Density Test Pain

Bone Density test is not painful. During the process, you are to lie down on the table. The equipment’s hand will simply pass over your body and it’s done. There is no pain associated with the test. The computer merely measures your BMD. A radiologist will then analyze the results and create a report. The report will then be discussed with you by your doctor in a few days.

How do I prepare for my Bone Density or DEXA exam?


No deodorants or powders the day of the test. We have wipes for your convenience if you choose to use them before your mammogram.


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